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Ausrocks core business is Mine, Quarry and Tunnel Engineering. From resource assessments to site surveying, and trucking studies to full quarry development planning, Ausrocks can assist with your needs for your site.

Ausrocks is now supplying Gabion kits and rock through its new company Caged Rock which you can visit at


Ausrocks along with our associates, have extensive mining engineering capabilities and can assist you with your project's needs in respect to:

  • JORC-standard Resource Assessments
  • Resource modelling and evaluation
  • Quarry planning and extraction scheduling
  • Drill and Blast Design
  • Production Process Design
  • Trucking studies, including underground trucks and ventilation requirements
  • Geotechnical Reviews
  • Acting Senior Site Executive (SSE)
  • Materials Quality Management Plans (MQMP)
  • Quarry Assessment Reports (QAR)
  • Tunnel Design and Tunnel Spoil Placement
  • End of life landuse design


Ausrocks along with our associates, can provide high-level surveying for the Quarrying industry's needs including:

  • Drone Aerial Surveying and Photogrammetric 3D Mapping: Accurate, low cost surveying for Mines and Quarries
  • LiDAR 3D mapping
  • Differential GPS surveying
  • Regularly updated ortho-rectified high quality aerial imagery (Australian metropolitan areas)
  • Stockpile surveying and volume calculations



a robust design tool used extensively in the mining and quarrying industry. It has a wide range of applications to suit varying projects including block model development and evaluation as well as open cut or underground mine design.

Mine 2-4D

a design tool for evaluation and scheduling in mining and quarrying applications. The main advantage of the software is the ability to directly link the design to the schedule, which allows for automatic updating of changes in the design phase of the project.

Global Mapper

a Geographical Information Systems (GIS) mapping and design tool that allows for correctly geo-referenced planning, mapping and design in 2D and 3D.


Ausrocks has successfully project managed many quarry development application projects large and small and has the ability and experience to manage your quarry project from start to finish, particularly dealing with:

  • Co-ordination of Associates
  • Project Budgeting
  • Project Scheduling
  • Communication and documentation of project progression
  • Problem solving


Ausrocks has the capacity to provide the important financial information you need for your quarry project, whether you currently have an operational quarry, are looking at buying or selling, or need to assess the viability of a greenfields site. We can assist with:

  • Marketing Assessments
  • Royalty Estimates and Agreement documents for quarries and mines
  • Quarry Valuations